UUFA’s Partners, Pilgrims, and Pals

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens celebrates its partnership with the Okland Unitarian Church in Okland, Transylvania (Romania) for the past 25+ years.  


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American UU’s honor and celebrate the Transylvanian Unitarian Thanksgiving October 28th, 2018

Unitarians in Romania celebrate the last Sunday in September with a Thanksgiving Communion, one of four annual communion Sundays. The UUFA will once again hold its own celebration with a Fourth Sunday Lunch, featuring our version of delicious Transylvanian fare, but due to the renovations occurring in the fellowship hall, the lunch will be celebrated, instead, on Sunday, October 28th.   We will enjoy a variety of Hungarian traditional recipes from Paprikas Csirke (Chicken Paprikash), to Rakott Krumpli (layered potatoes), to Meggyleves (cherry soup).  Join Us!  If you can contribute a dish, please contact Heather Kleiner.


Okland 231 C

Our Partner Church will be the Cause of the Month for October 2018

Over the years, UUFA has supported its sister congregation and its missions in a variety of ways, including establishing a bakery and a dairy, repairing and maintaining buildings, and supporting high school students. In 2018, our Share the Plate contributions will go towards providing stipends for two students who are now attending the Unitarian seminary and one student attending university.



Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council gives UUFA member, Heather Kleiner, award

Member, Heather Kleiner, was awarded the UUPCC 2016 Stewardship Award for her 26-year tireless promotion of our relationship with our Partner church in Okland Romania.  Heather could not attend the annual UUPCC meeting at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio, to personally receive the award, so the certificate and beautiful hand carved wooden plaque was presented to her during the UUFA’s annual Romanian Thanksgiving celebration.


In 2015, UUFA members enjoyed a Pilgrimage to our sister Unitarian congregation in Oklánd, Transylvania (Romania). 

Watch this short video of our trip – https://youtu.be/THQ0qNwx4C0.