The meaning of membership

Every newcomer to the Fellowship is welcome to take part in nearly all aspects of congregational life, whether as a visiting friend or official member. However some activities are reserved for members who support the Fellowship with their time, talent, and treasure, such as high-level pastoral care and voting at congregational meetings.

We take the meaning of membership seriously and don’t want that decision made too quickly or lightly. Membership means making a commitment of time, talent and treasure (at whatever level you are able) to the Fellowship.

Membership Committee

If you would like to participate in newcomer orientations, or New UU, welcome visitors on Sunday morning, or otherwise take part in membership activities, please contact Michelle Leebens-Mack Chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of UUFA?

Once you’ve decided to join the Fellowship, if you haven’t already, we ask that you attend a ‘New UU’ session or meet with the Minister. In this way we get to know you a little better and learn what brought you to UUFA. This also gives us a chance to learn about what you hope for by participating in life at UUFA.

We then ask you to review and sign our Covenant of Membership pledge. This briefly outlines our expectations of each other as members of the community. By signing, you promise or covenant to be responsible for your part. Some liken this pledge to a wedding vow because it is your promise to stay in relationship with the other members of the Fellowship to the best of your ability, and until that relationship no longer serves you.

Here is the Covenant of Membership you may download, sign, and return to UUFA.

For more details about becoming a member, download How to Become a Member of UUFA

What are the benefits of membership?

Members have the right and privilege to vote on the affairs of the congregation, help determine its mission and vision, and gain an identity of belonging to our liberal religious tradition.

Members are placed in geographically determined Care Rings and your Care Ring Coordinator is informed of your joining. Each Ring’s coordinator stays in touch with members concerning how they are doing and what assistance they might need. For example, a ride to a doctor’s appointment or to a worship service on Sunday morning are common ways we help one another.  Sometimes we may organize a few meals while a child is in the hospital. As a community we promise to care about one another and through our Pastoral Care program, which includes Care Rings, we pay attention to life’s joys, sorrows, and milestones.

Members enjoy the privilege of serving at some leadership levels that non-members cannot, such as on the Board of Trustees or as Lay Ministers. Some committees require membership status, such as the Finance Committee.

What does UUFA expect from members?

We expect members will stay engaged in the life of the Fellowship. Attendance on Sunday morning, participating in activities both within the UUFA community and out in the larger Athens area community, and as time and life allows, through leadership service to UUFA. We are a volunteer covenantal community and without the active participation of its members, we would not be a community.