How do I become a member of UUFA?

How do I become a member of UUFA? 

You’ve attended a couple of services, checked out a group or maybe just read more about Unitarian Universalism and have decided to make it official. Next, attend a Pathways to Belonging session or meet with the Minister, virtually or in-person. In this way we get to know you a little better and learn what brought you to UUFA. This also gives us a chance to learn about what you hope for by participating in life at UUFA.

Then you will be asked to review and sign the membership book and the UUFA covenant committing to giving of your time, talent and treasure to promote positive change in ourselves and in the world; to care for each other through deep listening and genuine kindness while assuming good will; to create a safe environment by respecting and trusting one another; to encourage each other to express our authentic selves, supporting, inspiring, and challenging each other’s quest for truth, meaning and spiritual growth; and, to nurture a diverse and welcoming congregation

Some liken this pledge to a wedding vow because it is your promise to stay in relationship with the other members of the Fellowship to the best of your ability, and until that relationship no longer serves you.

Contact Michelle Leebens-Mack with any questions or thoughts.

What are the benefits of membership?

Members have the right and privilege to vote on the affairs of the congregation, help determine its mission and vision, and gain an identity of belonging to our liberal religious tradition.

Members are placed in geographically determined Care Rings and your Care Ring Coordinator is informed of your joining. Each Ring’s coordinator stays in touch with members concerning how they are doing and what assistance they might need. For example, a ride to a doctor’s appointment or to a worship service on Sunday morning are common ways we help one another.  Sometimes we may organize a few meals while a child is in the hospital. As a community we promise to care about one another and through our Pastoral Care program, which includes Care Rings, we pay attention to life’s joys, sorrows, and milestones.

Members enjoy the privilege of serving at some leadership levels that non-members cannot, such as on the Board of Trustees or as Lay Ministers. Some committees require membership status, such as the Finance Committee.