Have you registered yet???

For the UUFA Congregational Retreat at The Mountain, September 21-23, 2018, that is!

Things you need to know:

  • The Mountain has held prices the same; adult price remains $190 for 2 nights lodging and 6 meals.
  • All children and youth ages 0-17 are FREE, but they still must be registered.
  • The commuter fee for the day on Saturday is $50; this includes all meals and programming.
  • You can register online at The Mountain website: (http://themountainrlc.org/event/2018-uufa-congregational-retreat/  or call Rachel Kinback’s office at The Mountain (828-526-5838, extension 218). She’ll be glad to help you.
  • This time, we’ll be the only group on top of Little Scaly Mountain, so we’ll have plenty of space to “Make Room for Creative Connections.”
  • Several UUFA folks have already volunteered their time and talents to provide workshops during the retreat. These include:
  • 7:00—7:45  Morning Yoga at the Mountain

    Namaste!  Wake up with yoga!  I’m offering a gentle Hatha yoga practice with easy movements to warm up the joints and muscles.  We’ll focus on posture and breathing and move into a few basic poses to lengthen and strengthen the spine and improve balance.  We’ll conclude with a brief Sivasana (relaxation) and lastly, Oms.

    Participants need only bring a yoga mat, a small blanket, and perhaps a cushion. Loose or non-restricting clothing works best.

    1:30—2:30 Top of the Mountain HIke (Easy) – Hank Raichle. For anyone who wants a slow, easy walk around the camp.

  • 1:30—2:30                   Chinese Calligraphy with Bill PiersonGrind ink in an inkstone, learn how to hold a Chinese Calligraphy brush and have fun painting Chinese characters. Brush paint Chinese characters that were developed over 3000 years ago and that are still used today. Explore a variety of Chinese scripts from oracle bone pictographs to the more modern scripts of the Han Dynasty (200 BC to 200 AD) that are still used today. No experience necessary, all materials provided, just come and give it a try!

    1:30—3:00                   Immigration Matters with Hilda and Karen

    This session will use the arts and various other modalities to explore and reach a deeper understanding of the immigrant experience.

    1:30—2:30                   What Happens in Vagus Stays in Vagus with Don

    This workshop will provide an introductory understanding of how the vagus nerve affects human physiology and emotional life. This nerve is intimately involved in in the autonomic nervous system and in the syndrome known as the “fight/flight/freeze response to perceived danger. We live much of our lives outside the awareness of this process. Therefore, we are in constant danger of getting stuck in an emotional response that has negative consequences, such as anxiety or stress. After an introduction to the polyvagal theory, we will explore possible strategies for regulating the autonomic nervous system to a healthy vagal balance. Some experiential participation is offered.

    2:40—4:10                   Conversations that Matter with the Conversations Team

    The topic the team has chosen for discussion is: “Disagreement & Respect:  Can they go together?”

    2:45—3:45                   Tour of Many Hands Farm with The Mountain Staff

    3:10—4:10                   Writing as Spiritual Practice with Myrna.    Myrna Adams West will facilitate a special session of “Writing as Spiritual Practice,” just for retreat attendees, on the theme “We’re Making Room for Creative Connections.”  Suggested writing prompts will be distributed at the Friday evening Ingathering.  The session is scheduled for 3:00-4:00 pm Saturday afternoon.  You can choose just to show up for the discussion—no writing necessary—or you can share what you have written.  For more information, contact Myrna at myrnaaw@bellsouth.net.

    3:10—4:40                   Talkin’ Bout My Generation with Lee

    For the first time there are six generations active in society and our congregation. Join us as we discuss each generation, hearing from each other what social, political, global, and technological events were that shaped our generation, how we approach opportunities, the differences in our communication styles, what we look for in “worship”, and how generations view each other. This workshop is open to all generations and the more diverse the representation from various generations the deeper the conversation will be. Because of the changes in language (standard English, slang, jargon, acronyms, etc.) and understanding across generations (whether through experience or education), the moderator(s) will be mindfully cultivating inclusive communication by ensuring everyone understands what is said and encouraging active listening.

  • Rev. Alison and others will create worship services each night and Sunday morning;
  • If you have an idea for something you’d like to have or to facilitate at the retreat, please let Vivian Sellers know.
  • Come on! Sign up! It is a place full of magic and mystery, and you’ll be with kindred spirits!

And WHEN you register…

Please remember to designate during registration all those folks you want as your “roomies.” This includes all the family members who want to be housed together, as well as folks who are friendly enough to want to be housed together. This will make housing assignments so much easier.  And remember, there are only a limited number of private rooms, so “I want to be alone” may not be possible for all who designate this. The earlier you apply, the more likely it is to happen.

Also, be certain to let us know of any mobility or accessibility issues on the registration form, so that we can place you in suitable accommodations.

Please register soon to save yourself $20 per adult. The early bird discount ends July 31st. You can register online at The Mountain website: (http://themountainrlc.org/event/2018-uufa-congregational-retreat/   or call Rachel Kinback’s office at The Mountain (828.526.5838 , extension 218) Monday-Thursday. She’ll be glad to help you.

If you have questions about registration or the scholarship process, please contact Vivian Preston Sellers (vpsellers@gmail.com).

Let’s have the largest group of UUFA folks at The Mountain we’ve ever had.1n 2016, there were about 90 of us; let’s make it 100 in 2018!

Email Vivian Preston Sellers at vpsellers@gmail.com if you have questions or ideas.