Currently, there are no in-person gatherings on Sundays, so there is no nursery or children’s programming.

Once we fully regather we have a fully-staffed nursery open from 9:00 am through noon on Sundays so that adults may attend Sunday Morning Spiritual Practices and Forum.

The nursery serves children aged four years and younger. However, children up to age 6 may be in the Nursery during worship service when there are no regular classes or activities scheduled.

Parents are always welcome in our Nursery to help their children transition to a new environment (though they may not substitute for scheduled staff or volunteers until vetted and vaccinated). If a special toy might help your child feel comfortable, feel free to bring it. If your nursery-aged child needs a bottle of sippy cup, by all means bring it. When checking your child into the nursery, let staff know of any medical needs or allergies. But, please honor our Well-Child policy by caring for sick children at home!

Please pick up children promptly after each service so that they may enjoy social time in the Fellowship Hall or on the playground, and we may honor our commitment to staff and volunteers!

We always stream the service into the Fellowship Hall, so that families who need to step away from the worship service with infants or children may watch the service while tending to their child’s needs. A private place for nursing moms is available, too.