Currently, there is no nursery or childcare as there are no activities occurring inside the building.

The nursery is available every Sunday.

The Nursery is open from 9:00 am through noon on Sundays. We provide childcare for those who wish to attend Sunday Morning Spiritual Practices and Forum.

The nursery serves children aged four years and younger. However, children up to age 6 may be in the Nursery during worship service when there are no regular classes or activities scheduled.

Parents are always welcome in our Nursery. We encourage newcomer parents to help their children transition to a new environment as their children need. Feel free to bring any special items that may ease the transition, such as a favorite stuffed animal or toy. Promptly inform the nursery workers of any special care, including medical needs or foods, which your children may require. You may also bring a bottle or sippy cup and snack. Please honor our Well-Child policy by caring for sick children at home to avoid spreading illness. More information is available in our nursery. Please honor the nursery workers’ time by picking up your child promptly after each service.

Please sign your children in at the Nursery and let the nursery workers know of any special needs your child may have. Depending on the ages and number of children in attendance, the nursery workers may elect to move the group to one of the larger classrooms between services.

Please pick up children promptly after each service. They are welcome to join you in the Fellowship Hall or on the playground.

For families who need to step away from the Worship Service with infants or children, you can watch the service in the Fellowship Hall where the audio and video are live-streaming. You are always welcome to return to the Sanctuary.