Board Charges the Lifespan Transitions Taskforce

A couple of weeks ago, Rev Pippin and a group of past presidents met to discern needs and opportunities to enhance the UUFA’s infrastructure around Lifespan Transitions, encompassing everything in the ebbing part of life from support for individuals downsizing, to technical aspects of medical care directives and estates, to envisioning memorial services and physical dedications (i.e. plaques), to spiritual aspects of soul care, and care of loved ones in critical end-of-life phases.

UUFA has abundant opportunities for mutual support, connection to outside resources, and user-friendly access to what we provide at the fellowship. The group of past presidents, with Rev Pippin, proposed to the UUFA Board to establish a task force to make recommendations. 

So, at the November 15 meeting, the UUFA Board did the following:

Charge a task force to gather resources for end-of-life infrastructure and to make recommendations to the Board by the end of the program year. Initial members will be Marguerite Holmes, Jane Mayer, Barb Schell, and Herb West; the task force may add members as needed.  

Given this charge, the initial task force members will meet by mid-December to determine next steps. The task force will be connecting with numerous people throughout the fellowship this year. If you are interested in contributing a substantial amount to task force, please let Rev Pippin know by early December so the group may consider all contributions and needs in their December meeting.

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