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September 20 — Phone In and Listen to Sunday Morning Worship

Not a fan of technology?  Just in a listening kind of mood?

You are invited to phone in to listen to the Sunday morning worship service.

The dial-in access code does change from week to week.

Phone Number: +1.888.958.7272
Access Code:  814459603

September 20 – The Importance of Being Wrong

In the dance of humanity, knowing the right steps (and avoiding stepping on toes) is key to keeping the organism moving. In today’s polarized world, making sure we’re right about things seems more important than ever. Interim Minister Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz will dig into … read more.

September 27 – Whose Are We?

There are many tales, historical and metaphorical, that describe how individuals and groups gain insight into their core identities. Interim minister Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz will use a very ancient story from the middle east to explore the existential question – not “who” we are, … read more.