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Worship in June

Cause: Sweet Olive Farm        Monthly Theme  – Serving, Responsibility

June 7 – Sharing the Ministry  UUFA leaders shine a light on their commitment to serving UUFA in shared ministry. Service with Rev. Alison Eskildsen and Lay Ministry graduates.

June 14 – Stories for Our Lives  Some … read more.

May 5: Worship Arts and Celebrations Team

You are invited to attend virtually the next meeting of the Worship Arts and Celebrations Team (WACT) on Tuesday, May 5, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

You are welcome to attend a meeting whether you want to observe, want give feedback or input, or are considering participating … read more.

Letting Go Practice for May

A Spiritual Practice for May

The all-Fellowship theme for May 2020 is “Letting Go and Releasing.” People commonly hold onto beliefs, ideas, objects, and commitments long past their best use date.

What might you wish to let go of?

Feel free to share what you write with … read more.

UUFA May Theme: Releasing, Letting Go, Freeing

Cause: Imagination Library

May 3 – Letting Go with Laughter  When times get tough, it’s time to laugh. Service led by Rev. Alison Eskildsen.

May 10 – Mothering in Many Forms Join us as various voices share their ideas on what mothering means.

May … read more.

Now Online–UUFA Worship Service Reflection Form

With UUFA Sunday morning worship services being broadcast online, you now have the opportunity to complete a reflection form online about these worship services.

The Worship Arts and Celebrations Team values your thoughts.

For further information, contact Lay Minister for Spiritual Arts Lee Cornell (


Virtual Choir!

Have you ever wanted to try choir but didn’t have time? Try out virtual choir!
You can participate in two ways every Wednesday at 7p.m.:

Join on Zoom:
This allows you to see faces, but the sound is not as good for some. Amber … read more.

Silk Floral Banner Missing

In Search Of…

…The royal blue silk floral wall hanging that for many years was displayed on the curved wall behind the piano. It was removed during the renovation of the sanctuary and seems to be unaccounted for.

If you have any information pertaining to this wall … read more.