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October 2-4: Mountain Gathering

Grab your outdoor gear and join your UUFA friends for fun and a great escape at The Mountain. We’re going October 2-4 for our small, distanced, and IN-PERSON gathering, arriving sometime on Friday and heading back home after lunch on Sunday. The early bird price … read more.

October 11: Getting to Know UU Fellowship of Athens

Are you new to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens?

Are you new to UUism?

Do you have questions about the worship service?

…the UUFA is where questioning can be the answer!

Drop-in and meet some old-timers, meet others who are exploring, and get your questions answered at the … read more.

A Taste of Transylvania

In October 2015, 12 members from the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens went on pilgrimage to the Homorod Valley, to the home of Unitarianism in Transylvania.  While touring historical sites, we toured the traditional cuisine.  Our host, wife of the minister in Okland, Eva … read more.

Thanksgiving-the Okland Way

For many people in the United States, Thanksgiving is an important holiday.  Because of our religious pluralism, with many people not celebrating the Christian holiday of Christmas, Thanksgiving is the holiday for getting their family together.  For weeks in advance, we begin planning the event … read more.

Okland (Our Partner Church) Updates

Our dear friend and Okland church partner, Eva Keleman, wrote with an update on the lives of their family.  She describes their life “like a rollercoaster” with “a lot of uncertainty.”  Since Levente’s death, the family will need to move out of the parish house … read more.

October 2-4: Mountain Gathering, Mountain Getaway

Tired of your current surroundings? Escape to The Mountain!

Join us for a refreshing, relaxing, fun weekend October 2-4, connecting with UUFA friends (at a distance, of course) surrounded by the beauty of Little Scaly Mountain. All necessary COVID precautions will be taken. The folks at … read more.