Author: Susan Curtis

What’s Up with the Board – January 2022

President Vivian Preston Sellers called the monthly Board meeting to order on January 11, 2022.

We started the meeting by hearing Mark Williams report on the progress of the Website Design Team. He anticipates the new UUFA website will go live within weeks.

Iva reported that plans … read more.

A Love Offering for Amber and Shaye!

It’s time to celebrate! The next few months will mark the 20th anniversary of the hiring of two outstanding individuals on our staff: Congregational Administrator Shaye Gambrell and Music Director Amber Fetner. How fortunate we’ve been to have with us these two who have meant … read more.

What’s Up with the Board – July 2021

President Vivian Preston Sellers welcomed new and returning Board members to our July 13 meeting, the first of the 2021-2022 program year.

We started by happily affirming Iva King as Vice President. In addition, we appointed Thrane Jensen as Assistant Treasurer to work with Treasurer Lyndall … read more.

What’s Up with the Board: June 2021

Both joy and a touch of sadness visited our June 8 Board of Trustees meeting as we welcomed Iva King, Karen Solheim, Sarah Cook and Robert Teskey to the group and thanked Michelle Swagler, Scott Mason, Susan Brown and Thrane Jensen as they retired from … read more.

UUFA Pandemic Response Phases 1 through 5

Updated May 28, 2021

Contact tracing and meeting scheduling will continue through all phases.

Criteria for updating access to UUFA are:

Movement from one phase to another, up or down, will be determined by cases per 100,000 and % positive tests in Clarke and … read more.


We have come through a bad patch, a time when we huddled down, ducked people we know and – most painful – those we love. We have lived in cramped quarters. We have lived in fear of the unknown and known.

Now, let us celebrate! Celebrate … read more.

Sunday’s Annual Meeting Election Results Are In

On Sunday, May 16, 2021, UUFA members submitted 99 ballots following the virtual Annual Meeting. Adding the 12 absentee ballots received, 111 members voted. One duplicate ballot was discarded.

Serving on the Settled Minister Search Committee will be Tracey Brown, Todd Dinkelman, John Olive, Lee Reed, … read more.