Author: william sheahan

July 15: Our Daily Bread Help Needed

As you are probably aware, the Fellowship has provided meals for Our Daily Bread over the past 24 years. Due to Covid 19 crisis starting in March, we gave financial assistance to ODB to purchase restaurant vouchers in lieu of fixing meals. Recently ODB … read more.

Communications Team Volunteers Recognition

This month we recognize and appreciate the invaluable work of the Communications Team in keeping the Fellowship informed and connected to one another and to the greater community.  Herb West, Karen Solheim, Clela Reed, and Lee Cornell work in conjunction with Rev. Alison Eskildsen and … read more.

Board Member Notes: A Big Day for UUFA

From UUFA Board of Trustees member Susan Curtis:

Sunday, May 17 brought joy to my heart and to my mind. Not only did Kelli McConnell and Lee Cornell present the annual recognition of Religious Exploration volunteers – teachers and subs, mentors, youth advisors, the RE Ideas … read more.

UUFA Solar Project Update

UUFA’s solar project is going extremely well.  Solar Sun World made wonderful preparations and calculations, which are paying handsome dividends during installation.

All solar panels and inverters are installed.  Wiring and hookups to the inverters and electricals in the mechanical room will be the next steps.  … read more.

Thursdays: Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi Flow class virtually on Thursday mornings at 10:30 a.m. with Jackie and Bill  Pierson

Tai Chi Flow is a blend of Qigong and Tai Chi moves that are set to music. You don’t need to know anything or have any prior experience; just follow along … read more.