Midyear Share-the-Plate Update

Over the past eighteen years, supporting a Cause of the Month has always been an integral part of what happens at UUFA.

Beginning, however, in July 2013, the congregation voted to participate in the Share the Plate program in which the undesignated offering monies are shared equally with the designated Cause of the Month organization and with UUFA.

The monies involved in Share the Plate do not include pledges, which are essential to fund the Fellowship’s budget; thus, the only funds that are truly shared between UUFA and the Cause of the Month are monies beyond your pledge and/or beyond any other earmarked contributions.

For the 2020-21 program year, UUFA contributed almost $25,000 to the Causes of the Month.

For the 2021-22 program year thus far (July 1 through December 31), UUFA has contributed $12,411 to the Causes of the Month.

For more information about the Share the Plate program and UUFA Causes of the Month, contact Deb Brenner.