Hospitality Restart and You!?

With the Fellowship re-opening, the Ministry Council would like to see the Hospitality Committee restarted to provide coffee and tea and maybe some snacks after the service so that we can enjoy fellowship.

We are looking for individuals to take one Sunday a month and to organize the after-service coffee hour. These people would not be responsible to do all the work but to make sure there were volunteers to start the coffee and keep an eye out that everything is running smoothly. Other volunteers would be needed to clean up after coffee hour. Around 2-4 volunteers would be needed per Sunday. How much food or snacks were provided would be totally up to the persons organizing the hospitality.

The main ask is for individuals who would be willing to take one Sunday a month to provide and organize the hospitality.  Would you be willing to be one of these individuals? There will be an orientation for the individuals.

We also need volunteers/workers to make coffee, bring snacks, and  cleanup. Would you be willing to be one of these?

If you love drinking coffee and eating snacks, please consider being a hospitality host or volunteering to to make coffee, bring snacks, or cleanup.  Just click here to sign up.

Please contact Kate Blane, Lay Minister if you can help.