December 4: Lynching Remembrance Ceremony

The UUFA Racial Justice Team (RJT)  invites you to participate in a lynching remembrance ceremony planned by John Vodicka, who shares the following:

The lynching remembrance ceremony will be held on December 4, 2021, to call the names of Aron Birdsong, Wes Hale and George Lowe.  The three African Americans were lynched on December 4, 1921, 100 years ago, by an Oconee County posse/mob.
The event from noon-1 p.m. in Watkinsville.
We’ll gather as near to actual lynching site as we can.  The killings happened along Lampkin Branch Creek, off of Hwy 53, across from the entrance to Harris Shoals Park, just west of downtown Watkinsville.
We’ll gather at the site to remember these three victims of mob violence, place homemade markers with their names and date of death, and gather soil from the site.
The remembrance vigil will begin at Harris Shoals Park just off Hwy 53.  When you turn onto the road leading into the park, there is a parking area immediately to the right.  Park there.  Just beyond the parking lot is a covered picnic shelter.  We’ll assemble at the shelter.  From the shelter we can either walk or carpool about 150 yards across Hwy 53, up a short dirt driveway and down a path to Lampkin Branch Creek.  It is there we’ll plant the markers with the names of the three lynch victims, place flowers and gather soil at the site.
Please arrive at Harris Shoals Park at 11:45 a.m. on December 4.  We’ll begin the service at the shelter at noon, then make the trek to the lynch site.  We should be finished by 1 p.m.
For further information, contact RJT member Iva King.