“Abide” for Kelli McConnell

During the November 14 worship service, Clela Reed shared the following poem she had written for Kelli McConnell.


     ~for Kelli McConnell

We commonly say she is gone 

or she’s left this world.

It’s an easy lie, a shallow observation.


The atoms that composed the curve of her smile, 

the green of her eyes, her graceful hands

came from stardust and spring rain


and will go on forever more, 

sifted into morning glories and tadpoles, 

haystacks and hedgehogs.


And—more evident to us—her spirit remains.

All the bright imaginings, joyous flings,

smart determinations—these we hold fresh

in memory’s keep.


But mostly, we feel her love—the wonder 

of its magnitude, the glowing luminosity

that embraced full-hearted 

not just those she knew

but the whole of her world,

this world she could never leave.