Meal Trains to Support the McConnell Family

Kelli McConnell, UUFA’s Director of Religious Exploration, passed away on Sunday November 7.
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One way to support Kelli’s family during this time of sadness and grief is to participate in the Meal Train program.
Kelli’s family shares they are really grateful to anyone to be able to provide some comforting and healthy food while they put their focus towards healing and supporting each other.
When you follow the link above to the Meal Train page, please be sure to click on the yellow button– “Review All Instructions”— to read all the details as this one train will rotate support among one of Kelli’s sisters–Kenna–and her partner, Logan, at their home as well as her father in Watkinsville and her mother, who lives north of Eatonton. Kelli’s sister, Natalie, and her husband have a separate train that is linked in the instructions.