People, Get Ready!

Since the building will soon reopen to larger groups of people, this is the perfect chance to get some cleaning out and reorganizing done. Pam Smith has done an excellent job of keeping our facilities clean, but there is much “straightening up” that needs doing. Would you be willing to donate a couple of hours to getting our building ready for reopening?

We need folks to clean out closets, organize cabinets, and generally de-clutter almost every area in the building. Working with a partner, this could be done quickly in each area of need. There will be an organized workday on Saturday, November 13, for a group of up to 20 folks to be in the building between 9 a.m. and noon. If you’d prefer to come another time, you could sign up for a time when someone will be there to let you in, perhaps finding a partner to come with you!

Please help UUFA to be ready to welcome members, friends, and visitors of all ages when we can regather, Religious Exploration can begin, and folks can roam a clean, organized space to their heart’s content!

Come on out to one or more of the days and times available to work below. Anyone volunteering inside agrees to wear a mask while doing the work.  (A variety of masks are available at UUFA for anyone who needs one.)

Click here to add your name to the day/s, time/s, and area/s you would like to work. When the document  opens, click on the square corresponding to where and when you want to volunteer (look for your blinking cursor in the square). and type your name there.

Want to sign up but can’t online? Check out the list of opportunities below and contact the office to sign up (, 706-546-7914, ext. 5).

Available days & times:

Saturday, November 13, 9-12

**The grounds crew is also going to be working this morning if folks would rather be outside. Contact Mark Williams for more information or just come on out!

Sunday, November 14, 2-4
Tuesday, November 16, 10-12
Tuesday, November 16, 1-3
Wednesday, November 17, 10-12
Wednesday, November 17, 1-3
Wednesday, November 17, 4-6
Friday, November 19, 6-8
Saturday, November 20, 9-12

Areas of work & number of volunteers needed:

Ocean Room and Closet (2 pairs of 2)
Rainbow Room (2 folks)
Forest Room (2 folks)
Nursery (2 pairs of folks at separate times)
RE Closet (2 folks after other RE rooms done)
AWE Room Closet (2 Justice Team folks)
Custodial Closet (2 folks)
Mechanical 3 Closet (2 B and G folks)
Choir/WACT Closet (Amber +2 choir/WACT folks)
Wine Closet/space above (2 folks, able to be on a ladder)
Office Shelves and Cabinets/Conf. room (Shaye + 1 person)
Heritage Room, Gathering and Fellowship Halls (2 folks)
Sanctuary (4 ushers/WACT folks)