Want to Save the UUFA Some $$$?

from Board of Trustees President Vivian Preston Sellers and the Finance Committee:

Last year, the UUFA spent over $3500 in credit-card processing fees, mostly for pledges and contributions to the Share the Plate program.  As you know, credit card companies charge for each transaction, and these charges certainly add up during a fiscal year.

Some local companies have started adding a 3 precent fee to cover this processing fee or allowing customers to write a check or use bill pay. The Finance Committee would like for all who donate to the UUFA to consider these options as well to allow us to put more money toward items in the budget of value to the UUFA, rather than giving money to the credit card companies.

Please consider these options when donating to the UUFA:

  1. Continuing to contribute by credit card, but adding 3 percent to your donation to cover the processing fee;
  2. Donating by check, which can be mailed to the UUFA office at 780 Timothy Road, Athens, 30606; OR
  3. Setting up bill pay with your financial institution and/or through your Realm account. (I recently did this, and if I can, most folks can!)

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Congregational Administrator Shaye Gambrell or Treasurer Lyndall Tunnell.

The Finance Committee appreciates all the contributions people make to the ongoing needs of this congregation. Thanks so much!