Ask from Citizens Advocacy

My name is Rufus Addison. I am the Coordinator for a nonprofit organization called Citizen Advocacy in Athens. The Unitarian Fellowship has always been a great asset to our organization. We have had several members from the Fellowship to serve on our board and one of them became an advocate for one of our proteges. We have utilized the church facilities to have meetings and events. The Fellowship donated money to our organization after listening to a presentation about the mission of the organization. The people were always friendly and courteous. 

The purpose my organization is to protect and defend people with disabilities. We want people with disabilities to be included in our community and society. We strongly believe that citizens in our community are the key to the protection and defense of people with disabilities. We invite citizens in our to establish a relationship with person with the disabilities. We hope through this relationship the person with the disabilities will have a better life and the advocate will understand the importance the importance of inclusion and not exclusion. We have been in Athens since 1995.

I have a young man who is gay. I have been searching for an advocate or friend in the gay community but I haven’t been successful. I have reached out to several organizations but they haven’t responded. I hope that you can assist me and point me in the right direction.

Jameco is a very nice and hospitable person. He lives independently, but he has no friends that will stop by and take him out to dinner or to do other things. He loves listening to old school music, and playing video games. Jameco doesn’t get out much because he doesn’t know how to ride the bus or no where to go. Jameco needs a friend to expand his world and to introduce him to more things to enhance his life. I hope you can assist me in finding an advocate for him. He has a job and he is his 30’s.

For more information, contact Rufus Addison (706-621-0622).