October 23: Celebrating Amber!

The congregation (ALL members and friends) is invited to help celebrate Amber’s twentieth anniversary as UUFA’s Music Director on Saturday, October 23. This celebration will be a two-parter:

In the morning, 10:00-11:30-ish, we will have a Zoom presentation brought to you live from the Eskildsen Room at the Fellowship. Amber will be on the Zoom with us. We will present her with gifts, show a couple of videos about her first 20 years with us, and let people speak if they would like. Click here for the Zoom link.

The second part of the celebration will be live in the backyard of the Fellowship that afternoon from 2-4 p.m.. This outdoor reception will include snacks and drinks and an opportunity to speak to Amber live and in person. The gifts from the choir and congregation (the Rose Book, which will contain your love notes) will be on display, and people may continue to add notes to the Rose Book.