Fondo Solidario–Funds Needed

The eviction moratorium ended. ACC Water Department and other utilities ended their disconnect moratoriums. Unemployment benefits ended (and our neighbors without documentation haven’t gotten ANY unemployment benefits).

The Fondo Solidario de Emergencia has been able to distribute over $500,000 to keep people in their homes with lights and running water and internet for virtual schooling, and to pay some medical bills. These funds have come from generous donations, a foundation grant, and federal/state pandemic relief funds (ACC Cares and CDBG grants).

But we are now out of money. People are applying daily – some facing eviction, some with their power already cut off, all affected by Covid in one or more ways (e.g., single parents losing jobs to stay home with sick parents or children doing virtual learning; fully employed people cut back to 8-10 hours a week; people with long Covid).

If you can donate, now is a crucial time.



MAIL CHECK: make check out to Fondo and mail to Fondo Solidario, 452 N. Billups St, Athens GA 30606



SIFIC’s fiscal agent is Casa de Amistad, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

For further information, contact Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition liaison John Olive.