September 26: Side with Love Squad Activation Huddle

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Side with Love Squad Activation Huddle

Sunday, September 26

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Our Side with Love Squads allow people to find different ways to support the work we do: you can help folks learn how to phone bank, manage the data, run the Zoom, do the spiritual grounding.

As a team, we help each other learn the different roles and figure out how to do them effectively. I first did support, helping folks one-on-one who were struggling to get going in phonebanking.. After one event, the coordinator said: We need someone else to coordinate the next phonebank. Once again, stepping outside my comfort zone, I said, “I could do that.”

Our Squad Activation Huddle is for YOU if you’re ready to say “I could do that.”  We’ll help you find the right squad for you, orient and train you, and help you find the right size role for the time and energy you have available.

The importance of bringing others along in our work is central to my beliefs as a Buddhist UU. While some Buddhists are working towards their own liberation, many of us have committed to being boddhisatvas. A bodhisattva vows to work not just for their own liberation but for the liberation of all beings. The bodhisattva does not just help out, they help in!

If your faith and your understanding of what the world needs us to do right now calls you to be a person who helps in, I encourage you to come to the Squad Activation Huddle for the Side with Love Action Center.

Bring your energy and your love for the world we can co-create to an organization that will help you in the work of helping others in.