UUFA Bylaws: Non-substantive Editorial Corrections Made

According to the current UUFA bylaws,

the Board of Trustees shall have the power to approve typographical and other non-substantive corrections to these Bylaws – such as spelling, grammar, formatting, and punctuation – so long as the changes do not alter the meaning or intent of any phrase, section, or subsection. The Secretary shall include Board-approved corrected text in the minutes of the Board of Trustees and shall notify the congregation upon publication of the corrected Bylaws. Notice of the Board-approved corrections shall be communicated to the congregation at the next Annual or Special Meeting.

Click here to read the minutes of the Board of Trustees at which these non-substantive editorial corrections were made.  See the fifth report of the consent agenda.

Click here to view the non-substantive editorial corrections that were Board approved.

Click here to view the updated bylaws with these non-substantive editorial corrections.

Please contact UUFA Board Secretary Karen Solheim with any questions or concerns.