September 12: Side with Love National Launch

The Covid-19 pandemic and threats to democracy that reached a fever pitch at the January 6, 2021, insurrection have made it clear that our systems are not designed for communities to thrive.   The threat of white supremacy and extractive capitalism are root causes of multiple and intersecting crises. Voter suppression, anti-protest bills, police violence, criminalization, and corporate influence are wreaking havoc on BIPOC communities.

Our faith calls us to act in solidarity, understanding that interdependence means “None of us are free until all of us are free.” Our lives and future are bound together, and together is how we move forward toward living out our faith in a just and loving world.

This is why we need YOU to help us launch the Side With Love Action Center: a place for folks to come together across differences, issues, and geography  to end oppression and build democratic, sustainable, and thriving communities focused on our four key issues:

  • Climate Justice
  • Decriminalization
  • Democracy & Voting Rights
  • LGBTQ+ & Gender Justice