Worship in October

Building a New Way through Curiosity

Cause of the Month: The Ark of Athens

October 3: Spiritually Promiscuous

Annie Dillard used the phrase “spiritually promiscuous” to describe herself in the 70’s. Rev. Douglas Taylor finds this is a good descriptor for many UU’s including himself.  Partaking of multiple spiritual sources is part of his search for the intimate and ultimate values in life. Rev. Taylor, serves the UU Congregation of Binghamton, NY.

October 10 The Dilemma of Whiteness

Ours is a society that strives to be “color blind,” essentially claiming that race is irrelevant, yet we are deeply divided around matters of race. A pressing need for honest explorations of what it means to be white in America exists, yet many white people feel so fragile around the topic that they avoid it at any cost. If you think (or even hope) that being white in America and still being an anti-racist activist is possible, this sermon by  Interim minister Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz could be an important one with which to engage.

October 17 Love Meets the Dragons

When 16th century explorers charted the oceans, a vast area was outside their ken. Of that uncharted realm, old maps designate “Here Be Dragons.”  As the Fellowship begins the search for the mythical beast that is a settled minister, Interim minister Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz will lean into the work of Rev. Tom Owen-Towle and lean on the medieval mystic Rumi who said, “Our greatest fears are like dragons guarding our greatest treasures.”

October 24 Salt of the Earth   (OUTDOOR SERVICE)

American author Michael Pollan says, “The way we eat represents our most profound engagement with the natural world.” How do our choices at the dinner table affect the rest of the world and even the planet itself? Why is what and how we eat a fundamental issue for the environment? This week the Fellowship participates in the UN Sunday call to preach on food equity and sustainability. Interim minister Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz is in the (outdoor) pulpit today. Weather permitting, we will gather together in person in the backyard of UUFA. (Plan B: a live-streamed service, as usual.)

Oct 31– What Shadows Lurk?

On what “holiday” do Americans spend the most money decorating their homes and assuming alternate identities? It’s Halloween, of course! Costumes and masks allow us to explore parts of ourselves that we otherwise keep hidden in the shadows of our psyches.  Carl Jung believed that the shadow is both the reservoir for human darkness and the seat of creativity. Interim minister Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz will explore the concept in this Halloween sermon.