July Spotlight Volunteers of the Month: The Endowment Fund Task Force

The July Volunteer Spotlight of the Month recognizes with appreciation, the work of the Endowment Fund Task Force.  Nominated by the Board of Trustees, the task force includes (L-R) Barb Schell, Jane King, chair Todd Dinkelman, and David Sweat.  Bob McArthur from a remote location and Thrane Jensen–recently retired UUFA treasurer–played very helpful roles in the conversations.

The Endowment Fund Task Force began in the summer of 2020, and its work was prompted in part by a recognition that the UUFA Endowment Fund had not received much attention over the years.  The Board of Trustees charged the Task Force with the work of creating a policy that would establish an Endowment Committee, address committee membership, and specify the work of the committee.

The resulting Board-approved policy created an Endowment Committee that will establish clear guidelines for determining how proceeds from the Endowment Fund are calculated and made available to the Fellowship for annual budget planning.  The committee will also focus on educating and publicizing what the Endowment Fund is–how it works and grows and how it supports the mission of the UUFA.  Once the Endowment Committee is in place, its members will work to make UUFA friends and members aware of the significance of the Endowment Fund as a more visible and understandable option for those wishing to give to the UUFA.

Thanks to the Endowment Fund Task Force members and helpers for their dedication to the UUFA.