News from the Economic Justice Coalition, a UUFA Justice Partner

The Economic Justice Coalition: Fighting for Workers | Athens for EveryoneLinda Lloyd, Executive Director of the Economic Justice Coalition, has hired an assistant director, Gareth Fenley. Gareth will be working with the 13 county coordinators doing voter education and registration. They will be learning about their respective county offices and how they operate. They will be organizing and training canvassers and meeting in small groups of five to become familiar with procedures and practices. EJC has received to more grants of $25,000 each for these purposes. The search for new office space continues. The Worker’s Center is becoming more organized and has put a proposal for American Rescue Funds before the Commission. There is now a committee working on various aspects of the Worker’s Center and they meet regularly on Tuesday afternoons.

For more information about the Economic Justice Coalition’s partnership with UUFA, contact Caryl Sundland.