UUFA Pandemic Response Phases 1 through 5

Updated May 28, 2021

Contact tracing and meeting scheduling will continue through all phases.

Criteria for updating access to UUFA are:

Movement from one phase to another, up or down, will be determined by cases per 100,000 and % positive tests in Clarke and Oconee Counties, and GA DPH’s Region E hospital data, which include Clarke and Oconee County hospitals. The CDC’s hospital levels are in the chart below. The phases will be updated if CDC guidelines change. The presence of variants is also a concern.


Scheduling indoor and outdoor meetings is essential. Please see the leaders’ information or the page for Phase 3 or 4 on the UUFA website. Your request will be confirmed if no other meeting or event is scheduled for the same space at your requested date and time. If you are unable to schedule online, please call Shaye.


For any event at UUFA, volunteers will ask brief questions at a sign-in table in the Welcoming Hall for indoor events and at another location for outdoor events from Phase 3 through Phase 4. Having your name recorded will allow contact tracing should attendees later report they have COVID-19.