June Spotlight Volunteer of the Month – Kathy Larson

The Fellowship is so pleased to honor Kathy Larson as our Spotlight Volunteer for the month of June. Iva King nominated Kathy for contributing to the beautification of our UUFA landscape. Kathy has been active the last few months weeding, watering, transplanting, and planting new perennial plants.

Kathy signed the membership book in October 2017, a year after she and her husband, Lyndall, moved to Athens from the Midwest. She’s enjoyed gardening since she was a child and is grateful for the opportunity to help maintain and improve our lovely landscape and grounds around the UUFA. She says she has enjoyed every minute and found it especially peaceful and calming during this past year. Thank you, Kathy, for your time and devotion to helping us GROW!


The Volunteer Recognition Team (Linda Landbloom, Terri Ray, Carol Stanley, and Melissa Westbrook)