We have come through a bad patch, a time when we huddled down, ducked people we know and – most painful – those we love. We have lived in cramped quarters. We have lived in fear of the unknown and known.

Now, let us celebrate! Celebrate what we do not want to forget, should not forget. Celebrate the brave care givers! Celebrate the creators of the vaccines! Celebrate how quickly they were developed. Celebrate the falling numbers of cases and hospitalizations, and deaths. This is the time for reaching out and soon we will be touching, hugging, and embracing and wondering how we survived without the touch of others.

In a year we will look on this particular time as an ending and a beginning. We will recall and remember those who became ill and those who passed from us. We will remember the teachers and doctors and dentists and all of us coping with new methods. We will mention that an empty building previously held a thriving business. We will compare before and after and we will celebrate again our victory over a deadly virus.

In ten years, we will look back and wonder if it was as bad as we thought, or worse, or better. The sharp edges of the sequestration will soften. We will remember those gone from us and lay flowers and tell stories. We will forget the worry of waiting and worrying and wondering, the questions, the concern. We will laugh about Zooming and masks and plexiglass. What now seems to take so long to complete will compress into a single moment of time that we will celebrate again.

In twenty-five years, we will perhaps recall and mention the anniversary of our vaccination. Was it February? Was it April? Has it been twenty-five years? We’ll celebrate moving on, leaving behind the fears. We’ll recall it with a memory wrapped in the soft gauze of time.

Now, we can look forward to our celebration dance!

Scott Mason