May 11: Second Lookers Meets

May!  Hasn’t our spring been glorious.  Our daffodils, dogwood and azaleas were just the beginning of spring.  We look forward to being at the Fellowship to admire its welcome to spring.

Our May meeting will be Tuesday, May 11th, at noon, via Zoom.  Find the link to join on the “Stay Connected” page of our website.   Or-  click here to join the meeting

We will gather to talk about the past year, talk about the ways we managed the months of quarantine, how we broke out of the enforced time at home (did you finally hug someone special, take a walk outdoors without your mask, visit the Botanical Garden when the tulips were in full and wonderful bloom, go to a restaurant, enjoy a meal outdoors rather than takeout)?  We’ll all have something special to share we’re sure.

Please be thinking about ideas for next year’s gatherings.  Your suggestions are welcomed.  And, who knows, we may gather together in  person!

This will be our last time together until September, hope to see everyone again September 14th.

Sally and Hester