May 2021 Spotlight Volunteers of the Month-the Safe Congregation Committee

As our Spotlight Volunteers for May, the Ministry Council would like to honor the work of the Safe Congregation Committee for their efforts to create a safe and secure environment for the UUFA community and for the building when it opens for all. 

President Scott Mason delegated to his wife Kathy Mason, who had safety experience, the project of organizing a permanent Safe Congregation Committee.  With Gregg Hagedorn, who had church safety experience, they created a draft Safe Congregation Plan and installed a security system throughout the building.  The system was in place for the 2020 elections when the building was used as a voting venue.  Newest committee member, Lee Bergman, also has safety experience.  He and partner Peggy Tennyson recently moved from Colorado. 

Under committee review now are further security needs, installing the AED (defibrillator), installing maps with emergency response procedures, overseeing annual building safety inspections and training of Guardians who can assist with safety on Sundays.  

Appreciation and thanks to the Safe Congregation Committee for their work developing an enhanced “safety culture” for the UUFA.  The committee welcomes helpers and input – no experience necessary.  Please contact Kathy Mason.