April Spotlight Volunteers of the Month- Sarah Cook and Susie Weller

The UUFA Volunteer Recognition Team would like to honor Sarah Cook and Susie Weller as our Spotlight Volunteers for April for their time and talent in producing the visual announcements for the Sunday services.

Sarah and her family have been involved in UUFA since 2010. She said she was lucky to have participated on the Expanding Our Vision team to help those dreams come true.

Susie has been a member since 2005. She is facilitating a morning meditation and co-chairing the Stewardship Committee. Both sing with the choir, which Susie says is a great joy and one that has kept her grounded through the pandemic.

Sarah and Susie are grateful to serve the UUFA during this unusual time.

Thank you both so much for your time and efforts to continue to keep us informed and connected.