Joys, Sorrows, Milestones — Summer/Fall 2021

Recently Shared

Janice Simon: Please keep my brother Steve Simon in your thoughts as he is still in the hospital after two weeks battling COVID pneumonia. Although fully vaccinated, he got very sick. He is improving but very slowly, on oxygen now at 70% versus two weeks at 100%.

John Z and Gini Carter: Gini and I have turned a positive corner in our relationship. We have loved each other deeply for many many years. But our “skills” at the art of relationship have been wanting and have left us often in a lot of pain. We seem to have finally learned to trust. We are on a new promising path.

From Lynn Rinker: On Thursday, Sept. 10, 2021 Samantha officially adopted Gary as her father. She also changed her middle name to Evangleline. In doing this she can now be called “Evie”  with a long “e”). Her new name is Samantha Evangleline Rinker. Gary and I are ecstatic!

Cara Andrews: My son, David Baldwin, is struggling with a covid-19 infection. He has significant co-morbidities, so I am very concerned for him. He is being treated at home so far, but his wife and step-son are also ill with covid-19. Please send healing energy their way.

Julie Sapp: While our son Adam has not sold eggs in the parking lot in over a decade, he has kept busy. He recently accepted a new job as a Design Engineer for Creative Plastics in Dalton, GA. Best of all, he and his sweet, kind, intelligent, delightful girlfriend Lindsey have just become engaged. We are overjoyed!

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