What’s Up with the Board – February 2021

At its February 2021 meeting, the UUFA Board gathered with Rev. Lisa to consider and vote on near-term and long-term issues. Highlights follow.

First up was the Transition Team’s report and the Board’s vote to extend Rev. Lisa’s contract through August 2022 when a new settled minister will arrive.

We accepted the report of the Bylaws Task Force (Herb West, Aleta Mendenhall-Turner, Julie Vesper Sapp, Barbara Teskey, and Molly Williams) with much appreciation for their extensive work. Fellowship members will receive a copy of the proposed changes to the Bylaws  in March before the April 25 Town Hall discussion of the proposals so that they can vote on those changes during the May 16 Annual Meeting. The Bylaws proposed changes will also be posted on the Board’s webpage by mid-March.

We adopted the Personnel Handbook with many thanks to Clela Reed for shepherding it through 12 revisions.

We appointed Debbie Hardegree to the Committee on Shared Ministry with appreciation for her service.

We voted to accept the Conflict Resolution document presented by Clela Reed. It is intended to help members and friends handle conflicts with others at the Fellowship.

For all the February Board meeting details, watch for the minutes to be posted on the Board’s webpage after they are approved at the March meeting.