February 23: UU the Vote Rally

Join us for “Pop Up for the People: A UU the Vote Rally for H.R. 1” on Tuesday, February 23, 1-2 p.m .

The For the People Act (H.R.1) is a comprehensive democracy and racial justice reform bill coming up for a vote in Congress very soon.

The For the People Act includes the following:

  • a national guarantee of free and fair elections without voter suppression;

  • a commitment to restore the full protections of the Voting Rights Act;

  •  automatic voter registration;

  • small donor public financing to empower ordinary people instead of big donors and other critical campaign finance reforms;

  • and an end to partisan and racialized gerrymandering, and more.

The passage of this Act will be game-changing and have a significant impact on the 2022 elections. Please join us on Tuesday, February 23 to take action and learn how you can get others in your community to move this critical legislation. 

Join the Rally!