February Spotlight Volunteer of the Month- Diane Bridges!

We are so pleased to honor Diane Bridges as our February Spotlight Volunteer of the Month. For over a decade, Diane has given of her time as a UUFA member from assisting with the 60th Anniversary Celebration, Family Promise, Our Daily Bread, Grocery Card sales to serving on various committees and drumming with Palms of Fire.

This month, we are recognizing Diane Bridges for continuing the work of Nancy MacNair and Barbara Leissner by coordinating the collection of diapers for our immigrant community and food for the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank. EVERY Wednesday from 3-4 p.m.,  Diane is in the Fellowship parking lot to receive your drive-thru donations of items or monetary contributions for these causes.  She looks forward to folks dropping by to say hello in addition to thanking them for making a difference.

Diane, while you shy away from the spotlight, we are so fortunate to have your steadfast commitment to these important projects and encourage others to join you in their support. See you Wednesday!