January Spotlight Volunteer of the Month: Julie Vesper Sapp

We are so pleased to kick-off 2021 with honoring Julie Vesper Sapp as the UUFA Spotlight Volunteer of the Month. Julie has been involved in the life of the Fellowship beginning in the late 1980’s and then again since 2000. She is currently serving as co-chair of the Committee on Shared Ministry as this group has looked at the areas of Connectedness and Communication at UUFA during the pandemic. She has rejoined the Pastoral Care Team (she was one of the original members), and she’s been working with the team making proposed revisions to the bylaws. She is an active member of the Social Action Committee (SAC) and continues to volunteer with Family Promise, helping to prepare meals for homeless families.  Julie hopes folks realize they can serve the UUFA community even when we cannot meet as a congregation in-person! Everyone has something to offer!! Thank you, Julie, for continuing to devote your time and energy to UUFA virtually and masked-up.