November Spotlight Volunteer of the Month: Leigh Harvey

We are pleased to recognize Leigh Harvey as our Spotlight Volunteer of the Month for leading us in dance. Leigh says that dance brought her to UUFA. She first came here for an African dance workshop and soon began coming for services with her two boys. She has enjoyed dancing with Palms of Fire at local events, dancing in Sunday services, and facilitating movement in the Goddess Group. She says that the more she moved in a sacred space, the more she realized dance was not just a hobby or passion but a spiritual practice that led to monthly “Movement as Spiritual Practice” sessions.

Here, dance vocabulary did not include a shuffle ball change, grand plie, or contraction but rather one’s own body vocabulary expressing the meaning of our UU hymns. With this year’s theme of “Let It Be A Dance,” she has been inspired to help create services with dance and its connections to humanity as a foundation for worship. She hopes everyone joins in the dancing at home and looks forward to when we can dance together.

The Volunteer Recognition Team