September 27 to October 4: UUFA Family Promise Week

Family Promise of Athens - HomeThe UUFA will be supporting Holy Cross Lutheran in hosting Family Promise clients during the week of September 27 to October 4. This upcoming week of hosting will again take place at the facility provided by the Athens Church of Christ at 3720 Mars Hill Road.  Families have their own apartments as well as a large common area where they eat and their children can play.  The room for overnight hosts and the tables for day hosts are separated from the family living spaces.  There is now very little, if any, contact between the families and the hosts and meal providers.  The same true for meal providers, who bring food in disposable containers for each family unit and leave it on a table in the lobby for day hosts to distribute.
We will need volunteers to
—Prepare meals for three families—which altogether have four adults and nine children. (Because of the size of the famiy groups, it’s probably more important than ever to partner with another person in meal preparation)
—Serve as day hosts for 3 1/4 hour blocks each day (a duty in which you’ll probably be reading a book or perusing your smart phone most all of the time…or even doing work)
—Serve as overnight hosts
—Drive vans in the mornings and afternoons
Click here to sign up for a volunteer slot. (You may need to click through several screens to get to the correct dates.)
Click here to find out more about the Family Promise static site by watching a three-minute video.
Click here for online training.
For additional information including the arranging of a tour of the facility, contact UUFA Family Promise Coordinator Mark Hodges.