UUFA Awarded UU-the-Vote Mini-Grant

As part of UU the Vote, UUFA has been awarded a $500 UU-the-Vote mini-grant. UU the Vote is focused on partnering with local social justice organizations and working with them to achieve their voter engagement goals. Mini-grant applications that enhance that relationship are encouraged.

Through this mini-grant, UUFA will work with our 2020-21 Justice Partners:  the Athens Anti-discrimination Movement (AADM) and the Economic Justice Coalition (EJC). 

The UU-the-Vote mini-grant award of $500 plus individual and Social Action Committee contributions will fund $650 of voter engagement work. These funds will be used for the joint AADM/EJC Get on the Bus project getting voters to and from the polls and drop boxes.  AADM will receive funds for creating and posting voter engagement themed social media with their youth group. We also have funds to provide election day voter hospitality in our UUFA parking lot as our building is a precinct polling place.

Watch UUFA announcements for opportunities to volunteer with these voter engagement projects.

Several members of UUFA worked on the grant application including Iva King, John Olive, Karen Solheim, David Jarrett, Greg Davis, and Paul Van Valkenburg.

For further information, contact UUFA UU-the-Vote liaison Paul Van Valkenburg.