September 19: Chalice Film Series Discusssion

NETFLIX—Now Streaming: DISCLOSURE – California HumanitiesOn Saturday, September 19, at 4 p.m., you are invited to engage in a discussion of the Netflix documentary Disclosure.

Not all representation is created equal. Disclosure is an unprecedented look into 100 years of transgender images on screen, showing how Hollywood’s projections affect the ways people see trans people and how trans people see themselves.

This film was selected because of UUFA’s Welcoming Congregation Renewal process and because of September being Athens Pride Month.

All participating in the discussion are asked to watch this 107-minute film prior to the September 20 discussion.

A link on the UUFA Stay Connected page will connect you to the September 19 discussion.

IF you are unable to access Netflix, please watch the following video, which will also be discussed:  Why I Made Disclosure.

For further information about the discussion, contact Morgan Henry.