August Spotlight Volunteer of the Month Is Andy Case!

On behalf of the Volunteer Recognition Team (VRT), we are pleased to honor Andy Case as our Spotlight Volunteer for August. Andy’s contributions to the Committee on Shared Ministry as chair and for leading the assessment of the Lay Ministry program have not gone unnoticed. We appreciate his time and commitment to the Fellowship since he moved to Athens in 2008.

He values the rich, diverse, unique, and meaningful stories and experiences of our members and says that his volunteer experiences including Our Whole Lives (OWL) and Small Group Ministry as well have allowed him to make connections in a deeper and intimate way. Thank you, Andy, for enriching our fellowship with your devotion.

P.S. He wants to give a shout-out to Michelle Leebens-Mack for encouraging his involvement!

Warmly during these unprecedented times, the VRT

(Linda Landbloom, Terri Ray, Carol Stanley, Melissa Westbrook, and YOU!

If you’d like to serve with the VRT, let us know!