Happy Feet for Socks of Love!

Sunday’s AWE-fest felt like a love-fest!

Thank you so much for being in shared ministry with me these last ten years…and for the wonderful gift of socks that will last for the next ten years! Check out the colorful, glorious array.

Several socks did not identify their giver, or cards became separated from them. If you see your pair on the bottom row of this picture, please send me an email identifying them. I’d like to remember you when I wear them! (Click on the picture to see a larger, clearer image.)

One wonderful pair of socks has sloths hanging around, another shows a tropical beach scene, both inspiration for my retirement. Some sport beautiful color combinations, and some feel cozily soft and fuzzy. One pair comes infused with aromatherapy! Yet others are just wild–I will wear them all proudly, and I’ll think of you when I do.

With much love, fond memories, and happy feet,

Rev. Alison

For pictures of the AWE-fest drive by farewell, click here. Thank you, Lee Reed, for these wonderful photos.