August Board Notes

by Scott Mason, UUFA Board President

Some call it “being in the zone” or “getting totally focused.” Others talk about “when everything clicks.”  The experience transcends normal consciousness, leading us to extraordinarily heightened awareness, and feelings of complete confidence.  “Flow.”

Runners know flow.  You stop thinking about how you’re running, your posture and rhythm adjust themselves, and you go with the flow.   A motorcycle rider stops thinking about approach points, lean, and braking and just flows over the track.   The dancer stops counting, measuring. and timing steps; stops actively controlling hips and arms; and flows with the rhythm of the dance.

If you try to Google “flow,” you get a terrible mess of concepts including a lot on hydrology, sewage, and formal work flows.   (I’m worried about the relationships that list implies.)

Save yourself the time and bother.   Flow is a wonderful result of training, preparation, and practice.   Flow is an expression of ourselves at our most productive best.  We are our most creative.  We are smooth, efficient, and productive.

Coronavirus, Covid-19, is sand in the gears, a broken cog, an incessantly ringing phone drawing us away from our flow.

Back in January when the leadership was on retreat, we were looking at hiring an Interim Minister, beginning the search for our next Settled Minister, and using our newly opened building to grow our congregation and programs.  We were very confident.  The UUFA organization structure Reverend Alison had helped us build seemed to be working to make us a well-oiled machine.  We would flow through the challenges of the next few years.  It would be a dance, and we the dancers.

Covid-19 was a totally unexpected test of our ability to flow gracefully and achieve our goals.  We are moving forward.  We hired Rev. Lisa Schwartz to be our Interim Minister.  She will help us prepare to call a Settled Minister who will, in turn, lead us in future years.  Between a decision on a Thursday to close the building and the Sunday worship service hour, we developed an online version of the worship service.  Meetings of all kinds have moved to Zoom.  Check out all the virtual activities on the Stay Connected and Calendar pages on our website.  We are finding how we can best serve the needs of the congregation given the limitations imposed by Covid-19.

Our congregation is seeking ways to work in the community.  The Social Action Committee is acting on several initiatives.  Other groups are helping keep in touch personally with our members and friends.  We are developing ways to attract and encourage new members.  We are considering how best to use our building which Covid-19 closed.

In our personal lives, we face the concerns Covid-19 has thrust on us.  Jobs, school, and health concerns have all developed rapidly, and we are all finding our ways through them.  These often seem unique situations, but there is always some commonality among our members.

In the state of flow, one knows clearly what to do in whatever circumstances arise.  No one expected a pandemic to throw them off their plans.  I know we can, working together, help each other get back to our own clarity of purpose and overcome this rough patch, coming out better and closer in the future.  Continue to share within our community through our Zoom activities, our weekly E-news, and the monthly Tapestry.  Help one another get past this.