July Spotlight Volunteer of the Month – Morgan Henry!

July 2020 Volunteer Spotlight of the Month from the Volunteer Recognition Team

The Fellowship is pleased to recognize Morgan Henry as our July Spotlight Volunteer of the Month. Since joining UUFA in March 2019, Morgan jumped in with her whole heart to serve in many capacities. She is a Greeter, an Usher, and a member of the Welcoming Congregation Committee. For RE she has given her time as a guest teacher, co-facilitated Youth Group, and participated in the Hogwarts summer camp and the Nifty Gifty event. She is the co-facilitator of the Alphabet Family and has done work with the Social Action Committee and the Racial Justice Team. She has co-led a session of the Goddess Group; led a Chalice Film series discussion; led a class on Wandcraft, Charms, and Divination; and presented on Creating a Personal Symbology. Morgan, we appreciate all the ways you have shared your talents, time and wonderful attitude with the Fellowship. Thank you for well…sharing YOU!