More Ways to Help the May Cause-of-the-Month: the Athens Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program (DPIL)

We celebrate teaching reading and helping children, the future, develop a love for books with our May Cause of the Month–the Dolly Parton Imagination Library (DPIL) coordinated by United Way of Northeast Georgia. This is a program started by Dolly Parton some 25 years ago (12 years in Athens) and is now in 4 countries and has distributed over 100,000,000 books to children between the ages of newborn and five years old.

Your money contributions are wonderful; each $31 we contribute to United Way of NE Ga. finances one child in Athens for one year, that is, an age appropriate book sent to them, in their name, to their home once a month.

What can you do beside contributing money but that is probably just as important? Click here to read about helping new families enroll their children in the DPIL Program.

Another great way to contribute is to get your neighborhood association (or civic group or bridge club etc.) to commit to sponsoring all the Athens children born to parents (or grandparents ?) in the group to be sponsored by that group and enrolled in DPIL.

Pictured are Emily and her daughter A.H. in Timothy Estates up the road from UUFA. The Timothy Estates Neighborhood Association has decided to insure that all children born in their neighborhood are enrolled in the DPIL program! A.H. is and, as you see, enjoying this gift.

Please share what you are doing to help DPIL in Athens, our Cause of the Month, to Adrien and Ed Helm (706-850-7730) or check with them about ways you can get your neighborhood association to join what Timothy Estates is doing.