Scam Emails NOT from Rev. Lisa

Beware of a scam email currently making the rounds. This time it appears to be from Rev. Lisa. It is not! Please note all official UUFA addresses end with ““. Click here to reach Rev. Lisa by email.or by phone at 706-546-7914, ext. 3 (you may enter the extension number at any time without waiting for the end of the message).

No one from UUFA will ever ask you to buy gift cards, share financial information, or anything similar by email.  Occasionally members and friends are asked to donate to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund so that UUFA may offer assistance to community members as needed.

If you received the scam email, please mark that address as SPAM and report this incident to your email service provider.  If the email is GMAIL, you can also file a phishing report using Google’s online form.

If you receive similar emails in the future, especially with phrases as “Peace be with you” or “God Bless You” or anything similar, please take the steps above to report it and let Congregational Administrator Shaye Gambrell know.

You can find the correct emails for all staff by clicking here. h