2020-2021 Budget Drive Continues: Let’s Keep Dancing!

When we kicked off our annual Stewardship Drive a month ago, we chose the theme “Let it be a Dance.” Little did we know the fancy footwork that we all would be doing just a few short weeks later!  Despite COVID-19, the Stewardship Campaign is still on. If you have already pledged, THANK YOU!!  Over 50% of our pledges have been received, amounting to about half of the anticipated budget for the coming year.  Now we need to hear from the rest of you.  We are extending the Pledge Drive to April 5 to allow time for the last round of pledges to come in before building our budget

Some of us are worried about our own economic well-being in the coming months, and all of our financial commitments may have to change. Of course, that’s okay. You can let us know by your new pledge, whatever the size.  Please keep in mind that every single pledge–no matter the amount–makes a difference to our congregation’s well-being    Those of us who can are encouraged to give somewhat more than we’d planned, which can help make up the difference. Together we can do this.

Ways to Pledge

There are three ways to pledge:

Online via REALM (preferred)

  1. Log in to your REALM account, using this link:  https://onrealm.org/uufa/

If you haven’t registered on REALM yet, contact Shaye Gambrell, UUFA Administrator, who will then send you an invitation to Realm. Once your account is set up, continue with the next steps.

  1. Click on “Giving” tab on the left-hand menu,
  2. Click on “+PLEDGE,”
  3. Enter your yearly total amount in the first box and choose either “as can” or “yearly.” (Ignore the other options.)

Paper pledge form

  1. Complete the paper pledge form that will be in the mailing coming soon to all individuals who haven’t already pledged or simply write your yearly pledge amount, your name, address, email, and phone number in a note.
  2. Mail your form or note to UUFA (780 Timothy Road, Athens, GA 30606). Our staff is routinely checking our mail.

Get human help

  1. Contact Shaye Gambrill by email (any day) or phone in the office (Tues-Fri) (uufa@uuathensga.org, (706) 546-7914).
  2. Contact Thrane Jensen, Treasurer, directly by email (thrane@zjensens.com).

If you would like to learn more about the goals for the 20-21 Program Year click here.

Thank you in advance for your continuing commitment to the Fellowship.  Now let’s keep dancing!