Solar Energy Coming Soon to UUFA

We are in the middle of an exciting project to install solar panels on the roof of UUFA buildings.  How did this happen?

Jackie and Bill Pierson decided that they would like to see UUFA have solar power and were willing to fund it.  When they approached Kate Blane and Dan Everett, members of the Green Sanctuary Committee, the project came to life.  Kate and Dan did some exploring and got a quote but had a previously scheduled trip to Europe and had to set the solar-panel project aside.   Barb Shell, President of the Board, not wanting the project to languish, brought it to the Board of Trustees whereupon Lyndall Tunnell volunteered and was assigned the task of moving the project along by researching and getting quotes for various systems from contractors.

Bids from several companies and for different system sizes were presented to the Board, the Green Sanctuary Committee, and the Finance Committee.  Consensus was reached to contract with Solar Sun World for a 51 kilowatt system.  Lyndall was charged with negotiations and solicited advice from Thrane Jensen and Harold Weaver.  The contract was signed on February 12, 2020; and materials were delivered to the warehouse of the contractor on March 16, 2020.

When the Board of Trustees gave final approval for the project, Lyndall was assigned the task of managing installation, and he is soliciting advice from Iva King and Harold Weber.  Depending on weather, installation should begin sometime in April and last about three weeks.

We certainly look forward to staying cool this summer, using energy from solar panels rather than fossil fuels.  It is expected that on sunny summer days, the solar system will meet or nearly meet our peak energy demands.  We will certainly see lower electricity bills and expect to sell energy in excess of our needs to the power company.

A huge thanks to Jackie and Bill Pierson for making this exciting project possible.