CANCELLED–March 19 to noon on March 28: Advance Voting for 2020-21 Causes of the Month

All members of UUFA are invited to vote for the 2020-21 Causes of the Month either through advance voting (March 19 through noon on March 28) or through in-person voting on March 29.

Click here for advance voting online for 2020-21 Causes of the Month.

Click here for a paper ballot, also be available on the Ways to Engage table in the Welcoming Hall with the “official” ballot box.  Paper ballots must be received at UUFA by noon on March 28, when advance voting closes.

In-person voting will occur on Sunday, March 29, from noon to 1 p.m. in the Eskildsen Room.

For further information, contact Deb Brenner (